Нарийн бичгийн Даргын мэндчилгээ

Since the establishment of the Nuclear Energy Commission, which is responsible for the socio-economic development of Mongolia, the use of radioactive minerals and nuclear energy, the introduction of nuclear equipment and technology, the development of research, coordination of nuclear and radiation safety, and the expansion of international cooperation. More than 50 years of history have passed immediately. On February 13, 2015, the Parliament of Mongolia approved the Law on Amendments to the Law on Nuclear Energy, and the composition and rules of the Nuclear Energy Commission were renewed by the Government Resolution No. 72 of March 2, 2015. I am pleased to inform you that the Commission and its Secretariat have started working with a new structure and organization. Our goal is to transform Mongolia from a global technology consumer to a creative country, to introduce the progress of nuclear science in all socio-economic sectors, to train specialized human resources, and to bring nuclear safety and radiation protection up to international standards and requirements. close cooperation with organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientists and researchers. We kindly ask the scientists, researchers and specialists who support our work to visit our website, exchange useful information and send us their suggestions and requests.